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Voice is the most valuable touchpoint between you and your customer. We're here to help you truly understand and leverage your voice data at scale.

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Whether you're building a mobile app or data analytics dashboards, our lightweight DeepToneTM engine gives you access to our powerful voice models on any device, providing you with a rich layer of acoustic labels for nearly every audio format.  

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ACD Direct (USA)

ACD continually seeks out opportunities to help us improve services to our clients and their members. With the integration of OTO's real-time voice intelligence, we've seen an increase in our sales conversion rates of over 15%.

Noah Rosales

Altoida (Germany)

We are able to run speech analytics embedded right into our mobile application in a way that we couldn't with Google or Amazon. We can deploy on-device, without sending sensitive data to the cloud and get rich voice intelligence for our tests. For us, it is key to preserve our user’s data privacy.

Dr. Maximilian Bügler

Total Direct Energie (France)

With OTO we're able to measure two key metrics at our call centers. Firstly, we can identify the "silent" dissatisfied customers who do not share their feedback via surveys. On the other hand, we can better monitor our agents' performance and engagement during calls. Both are equally valuable in improving our overall level of customer satisfaction.

Maxime Canneva
Data Project Lead
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