Traditional dialog systems capture a single dimension of a conversation, focusing solely on the words exchanged (NLP). ​OTO is moving beyond speech-to-text, pioneering the first multi-dimension conversational system with the ability to merge both words + intonation (ALP). This provides a much deeper understanding of the context, sentiment and behaviors of a conversation. We call it speech-to-meaning and it is a key driver in the future of voice analytics and human-computer interfaces.


After Apple acquired the SRI International spin-off Siri, a group of SRI scientists decided to continue pushing the frontiers of speech understanding by combining their deep expertise in behavioral science and artificial intelligence. Fascinated by the technology and the potential of voice analytics, Teo Borschberg and Nicolas Perony founded OTO as an SRI International spin-off.

We currently work with contact centers, processing millions of customer conversations in order to help businesses unlock valuable data from voice interactions.

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