OTO Systems DeepTone™ Gives You a Choice in Voice

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OTO Systems DeepTone™ Gives You a Choice in Voice

When it comes to cutting-edge voice technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives business and research enterprises the tools to add more functionality to their applications. OTO has developed DeepTone™, a unique technology based on deep neural networks trained on a large voice corpus mixing public and proprietary data from thousands of speakers covering a variety of languages and accents. This allows the AI to learn from the hugely diverse spectrum of human emotional expression.

Powered by AI, OTO leverages innovative voice technology to understand key human behaviors and sounds in real-time from a speaker’s tone, providing you with a rich acoustic map of your voice data.

How does OTO deliver this powerful tool to your business?

With DeepTone™ SDKs, OTO offers you full flexibility and control:

  • It’s lightweight and sits locally — no intermediaries
  • Maximum security and data protection — your data stays where it is
  • Can be integrated in mobile, desktop or web applications with our mobile and Python SDKs

With DeepTone™ Cloud API, OTO gives you the system and you choose what you want to use:

  • Easy-to-use HTTPS and WSS Web service integrated with our latest models
  • We handle the infrastructure — you get to business
  • You can give it a test run without having to commit

DeepTone™ On-Prem API, OTO customizes for you:

  • Deployment flexibility for large-scale projects
  • You have full control of your data
  • Easy integration with your existing services over web protocols

With OTO’s DeepTone™ engine, you can choose between a quick start on the Cloud API, a self-hosted on-prem API, or on-the-edge processing and flexibility with our speedy SDKs — really, it’s all up to you.

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