Our Mission

Decoding the human voice to raise emotional awareness and empathy

We are passionate about unlocking the human voice and exploring unique ways for you to build safe and rich voice driven experiences for your community.

Our Story

An SRI Spin-off

After Apple acquired the SRI International spin-off Siri, a group of SRI scientists decided to continue pushing the frontiers of speech understanding by combining their deep expertise in behavioral science and artificial intelligence. Fascinated by the technology and the potential of voice analytics, Teo Borschberg and Nicolas Perony founded OTO as an SRI International spin-off.


Leveraging Call Center Data and Insights

Our first steps in the world of audio focused primarily on call centers. The sheer volume of call data (with labels!) was the perfect validation of our core technology and the value of our voice intelligence vision.

Embedded Anywhere

Having refined our models in the call center industry - working with very diverse data sets in terms of quality, language and content- we were able to make our DeepToneTM engine accessible across verticals and use cases.


Make voice chat communities safe

We can now leverage our unique acoustic insights to detect and solve problematic behavior in voice chat communities - creating safe and inclusive interactions.

Meet the team

Teo Borschberg
CEO & Founder

Nicolas Perony
CTO & Founder

Mariyana Koleva
Head of Engineering

Adrian Li

Letícia Patrício
Product Lead

Lucas Giger
Full Stack Engineer

Pedro Vieira
Full Stack Engineer

Ana Ramos
Full Stack Engineer

Nandor Kedves
AI Engineer

Orestes Gutierrez Data Scientist

Lourenço Queiroz
Project Manager

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