Voice Intelligence on the edge

OTO leverages cutting-edge voice technology to understand key human behaviors in real time from a speaker’s tone. The acoustic engine is packaged in an SDK with a tiny compute footprint that can run on mobile or embedded for edge deployments.

  • Detect speech / pause activity
  • Separate speakers and speaking turns
  • Identify key emotions like anger, happiness, and more
  • Decode voice biomarkers for gender and age prediction
  • Add custom behaviors
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Embedded SDK

Our mobile & embedded SDK gives you customizable access to our DeepToneTM voice models on any device, providing you with a rich layer of acoustic labels for nearly every audio format.  

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and any embedded platform supporting TensorFlow Lite
  • Very low compute/memory footprint
  • Decode voice biomarkers for gender and age prediction
  • High-resolution output (15.625 Hz)

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