DeepToneTM Insights Anywhere

OTO understands key human behaviors and sounds in real-time providing you with a rich acoustic map of your voice data. The acoustic engine is packaged in an SDK with a minimal compute footprint that also enables embedded edge deployments.

Our Core Models

Speaker Insights

Discover meaningful conversational insights through speaker separation and language/gender/age predictions.

Acoustic Insights

Accurately identify when there is speech, music, silence and noise. (incl. Human Sounds detection)


Go beyond what is being said and truly understand the energy levels and emotional state of a speaker.


Build custom models* to predict future behaviors based on high definition acoustic mapping.

Custom models upon request*

Flexible & Secure Deployment

We offer a full range of deployment solutions but we're best suited for on-premise applications where you're able to maintain full control of your data. Head over to our documentation page for more information about our models.

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Different processing modes, for different use cases

Do you need to process audio streams in real time with low latency? Or maybe recorded audio files with many audio channels that need deeper analysis and improved accuracy?

We build our models in a flexible way so you can pick what works best for you.

More on real-time processing

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