Case Study: ACD Direct

ACD Direct (ACD) provides call center services for fundraising and outreach campaigns where making a real connection during every call makes all the difference. With a fully virtual team of over 1,200 agents working across multiple time zones, ACD has partnered with OTO in order to better manage and measure every agent/customer interaction...
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    Report: The state of CX and the role of voice tech

    In a sea of similar products and services, CX can act as a powerful differentiator. According to Gartner’s Customer Experience in Marketing Survey 1,67% of companies feel they compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX, and 81% expect to do so within two years...
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      Introducing Acoustic Language Processing

      In this blog post, we will introduce a novel idea we have been developing over the past year at OTO; we call it Acoustic Language Processing...
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      Ushering in the era of speech-to-meaning

      Spoken language is an extraordinary thing. Over millions of years, we have evolved the ability to formulate complex feelings and thoughts, and communicate...
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      Introducing OTO

      At OTO, we sense human behavior through speech. Our mission is to enable businesses to deliver a hyper-personalized customer experience at scale...
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