Voice is Everywhere

Our technology is having a positive impact across multiple industries. Although we have pre-trained models for specific verticals we are always identifying and adding new use cases where voice insights make a difference.

Use Cases

Call Centers

Track the evolution of call level metrics and redefine the way you measure call center performance.


Keep a pulse on your patients vocal biomarkers while maintaining maximum data security.

Home Devices

Make voice commands the most seamless and efficient user experience possible.


Humanize and optimize the interactions between users and machines / robots.


Embed our technology on the edge thanks to our minimal compute requirements.

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QA for Call Centers

Voice remains a key channel for brands to drive sales and provide personalized customer support. With our acoustic engine you can now monitor the evolution of every call, providing you with targeted insights for both agent performance and customers experience.

Analytics for the Remote Workforce

Integrate our voice analytics directly in your preferred teleconferencing solution. This is a great way to keep a tab on your team's well-being and coach meeting efficiency - think speaker ratios, gender balance, and much more.

Humanizing Robots

As humans we want to feel understood. This is equally true when we interact with machines, which often feel cold and mechanical. Giving robots the ability to truly understand human emotions through our voice opens up exciting new opportunities to train conversational soft skills like empathy.

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